January 1


Sleep is for Suckers 2021

By admin

January 1, 2021


Bold statement right?

But hey, I'm sharing this video today because its a great reminder.

That small and basic things get results when done consistently.

I came across this video a few years ago and I would like to share it with you.

If your not into watching a 12minute video to help you change your life,

I would ask you,

Do you even want a better life?

or do you want to just complain and cry?

The choice is yours...


Here are the Big takeaways from this video.

1) You have to SHOW UP!

2) Everything starts with Your vision.

3) You gotta know what you want!

4) You have to start believing in yourself.

5) Take all your ideas and write them out and start ticking things off.

Common theme in this video is You.

You do the work, then you get the rewards.

So if you are going to change your life,

you need to be the one to make the changes.

And if you want more detailed help,

 go to the bottom of this page

enter your name and email and download The Chur Maori Way.

It's Free right now so get it while you can

And make a flying start in 2021.

And if you have any feedback drop a comment below.


(Credit to Eric Thomas, aka E.T for the Video and Inspiration)

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