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Whether you are a student, entrepreneur, employee, leader, new to business or a veteran. You will find a goldmine of practical ideas in here that are easy to grasp and easy to carry out. 

Inside The Chur Māori Way, you’ll discover:

  • The 17 Primal Māori Maxim that allows you to overcome the challenges of life and business. (Even if you know nothing at all about being in business).
  • The unique 12-step process to take you from surviving to thriving.
  • The most powerful promise you must make to yourself. 
  • How to level up faster. (All the best do it and so can you)
  • 3 unwritten rules I broke that cost me $12,000. (Break these rules and it will cost you as well)
  • The number one rule that absolutely gets your ideal customers attention. Break it and your customers will tune out of your message.
  • The one question to ask your customers before creating anything.

...And Much Much More

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